Welcome to Graal Online Classic!
Was only and originally made my Tannus. Has Copyright because I'm in Australia.


Here you will find information about the game and hopefully will not be called a "noob at the end of the lesson".



riends: You can add someone to your friends list and you can private message each other and their name will turn blue. You can invite them to your home and look at their profile and guild. You can still kill friends.

Hats, Honor Points and other stats

Honor points: a point system. Honor points can be passed to you from other players. When the game begins, you will start on Balamb Island and also have a tutorial. People will come to you asking if they can help you and if you can honor them. Don't trust them unless they really do help you. If you would like save it for a friend or me (Tannus) later in the game. Honor points can be used to buy hats in the honor hat shop in Belle Isle. There are a few other hats shops around the place but to wear them you must have the customization packs which also allows you to change your looks.

Much of the game is based around fighting. There are Player Kills, Baddy Kills, and Spars. You can fight nearly anywhere with players. In special places you may fight baddies. In arenas you can fight players.


Houses: Should only be purchased in-game unless one has already bought Graal Online Classic +. Here you can set up your own home, invite friends and money to spawn, talked about in farm guide.


If you do not wish to make a guild join one that suits you. Usually leaders of a guild require you to have certain stats or characteristics to make them recruit you. If your tag is off a leader may kick you. Press the guild then press tag on to put it back on.

With your guild you can take towers which you attack flag. If your guild gets a tower there will be a timer and which time will be added onto your score. If you get a certain score you may get your guild onto the top 50 tower taking guilds. You can also guild spar where you spar against other guilds and can make a score. Being in a guild is also a good way of chatting and making friends with people.

You can buy a guild for 2000 gralats and rename it for 1000. Beware, renaimg a guild will remove your scores. You may only recruit 25 people in your guild including yourself. You may also sell a guild to someone. You cannot trade it as there is no trade but if they give you their gralat farm then you can make them full-fledged leader.


Baddies: Indicated by their name brown and green look try these evil NPCs to kill you. The best way is to bomb them. Don't try and slice them because they will kill you. Arrows work O.K. but you must shoot them 10 times

Admins/Game Administrators

They can be recognized because they have a golden name, can pass through all things, wear or possess objects that we have not yet and that no bubble appears above them when they write something. Furthermore, where they appear mostly to be found a large mass of players. They also can warp to places or players. They usually have specific jobs (Xor is manager). They can host juggernaut or hide-and-seek games for the winner will win a hat usually.


Your items are in your inventory. To see them press your self then press an item to replace e.g.bomb. Furniture does not include in your bag, but in your house (press chair to see house inventory).

See subpage in Shop Guides for rest of the items.

Glove and Sword

Sword is simple way of killing someone which causes 0.5 damage.
Glove is used for hugging people, perhaps humping a person or shaking hands with a player. You can pick up signs, bombs and bushes with the glove. Press the glove again and you will throw it, causing 1.0 damage.


This is a bomb press button and it will explode soon. Glitchers also use bomb to help them glitch. You can pick up bomb with glove and throw it, again with the glove button. Bombs are used for farming and willd destroy grass better than the sword. Also can kill Baddies with one blow. Causes 0.5 damage to a player. Admins had lightning and red bombs. Note can also his guildmate.

Bow and Arrow.

Shoot players and baddies with arrows causes 0,5 damage. Shoot arrows in fire caused by bomb will turn it into a flaming arrow, which when it hits, will cause another explosion. Arrows are used for killing or attacking players from a distance. Note can also hit guild mate.

Rat transform

Go to Onnet Town forest and find witch in maze to get rat transform item.


Warning do not use any where else otherwise get jailed!! Buy it at Cave near Sardon Tower to continue through Snowtown cave to snowtown. Buy it for 2000 gralats. It illuminates dark passageways.

Game Currency
Types of Gralats

First off to get a farm you need a house which you can buy in-game or buy the graal classic plus+ which come with a small house. To start you should first get some Gralats by stealing or finding them. it needs a few Gralats. If inviting people to help you should get some fences so people cannot "accidentally take".  You throw bombs when the grass is grown to spawn gralats. If you press the gralats with your finger it should give you a number on how many gralats you have on that spot.

There are some rumors that Guild House spawns more gralats and if you turn on your lantern and farm it spawns more as well.

Green Gralat

Generally 1-4 Gralats worth.

Blue Gralat

About 5-29 Gralats Worth

Red Gralat

Usually 30-100 Gralats Worth

Gold Gralat

Is a bit golder-looking than this. About 100-1000 Gralats worth are gold.

Purple Gralat

Not many people bother to get to this but my firend xxXxxxXxx loves farming and has made a whole farm of this.

The Last known Colour Gralat: Black

I think my friend got one of these, hardly any people do.

Chatbox Smileys and Actions

There are smileys and actions you can do by typing commands in the normal chatbox. Som actions require a colon at the start which is this :


Advanced Guides

Guild News and HTML

Not to brag again but I was one of the first players not admins to find HTML worked on guild news. (Tamaskan actually told me)

If you own a guild, you can change the Guild news.
You can also use some HTML tags. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. You can use some markup tags in the guild news here are some:

 <font color=*>: Changes the color of the text. Replace * with a color.  Like red or blue or even a color picker color #000000 (which is actually just black)

 <font size=*>: Changes the size of the text. Replace * with a number.

 <blink> text here will blink </blink>

theres also <strike> and <i> for italics.

<u>: Underlined text </u>

Don't forget to use the end tag to end the code: </>


<font color=red> <u> Tantarus </u> <font color=blue> <i> Guild.
is displayed in the Guild News by:

Tantarus Guild.

House Codes

Even in your house can use special code. Click an object in your house, and then press on the bomb. Here you will be able to change the text of the objector change it action if it has one. Type certain terms, something special appears. (I was one of the first players to find this out not to brag again).
Here's a list:

#g: Shows the viewer's guild.

#n: Displays the viewer's name.

#l: left arrow.

#r: right arrow.

#u: Arrow upward.

#d: down arrow.

#1: Displays the viewer's current sword. (Good for if you forget)

#2: Displays the viewer's current shield.

#4: Shows an original health image.

#h: Shows an original image of a head.